Why Customer Service Mercedes Transcription Inc Provides is Superior to Others

At Mercedes Transcription, we offer more than superior technology and intelligent staff. We offer you a customer service team dedicated to excellence and a personal concierge to ensure that your medical transcription needs are always met.

Here are a few of the reasons that make our customer service the best in the business:


We are always available! Nothing is more important to our company than ensuring that your patients get the best care possible and that your practice continues to thrive and provide care to more patients in need.

While we will dedicate one MTI team member to work with you on a day-to-day basis, you can reach our team at any time, with any request. Mercedes Transcription is your personal concierge, available 24/7 so that interruptions in patient care can be avoided at all costs.

We do it all

Medical transcription has many moving parts and steps, a complex routine to work into your practice’s daily flow. Mercedes Transcription performs all the steps of transcription behind the scenes, taking care of transcribing, editing and delivery without you witnessing any of the complexity.

Whatever you need to make your practice stronger and your patients healthier, we work for you to achieve. Patient notes reveal the personal and big data behind your practice as well as keeping your office and reputation crystal clear, efficient and organized. Take advantage of our medically trained transcription staff to improve your practice and make patient notes the least tedious task of your day.


Our customer service serves as your personal concierge, getting to know your habits, your tics, your strengths and your style of speech. Developing a relationship with you allows our transcription process to produce accurate results every time. When your notes run through the multiple layers of our quality assurance process, they come out flawless and accurate.

medical staff writing patient notes

The accuracy of patient notes is essential to patient health, but it’s also critical to running a stable practice. Quality notes save you back-and-forth time amongst staff, with us and with insurance companies.

Notes can be transcribed perfectly right away each time, so why not choose to always work with a transcription company who boasts an impeccable reputation and can boost yours as well?

Team Knowledge

When it comes to transcribing medical notes, intelligence is a given yet still insufficient for note perfection. Our concierge team is quick to resolve errors, predict incongruences and implement solutions to avoid problems, but being quick-witted and smart is only the beginning.

At Mercedes Transcription, your personal concierge is up to speed on medical practices, phrases, jargon and patient routines, making it smoother to decode vague contexts or medical homophones from notes during the editing process.

Client Satisfaction

Our concierge is here to help you constantly improve your practice. If our team notices common errors or tendencies that are holding you back or sees an opportunity to optimize workflow, we will let you know so that the transcription process can get even smoother and better as we work together.

At Mercedes Transcription, we pride ourself on excellent customer service and client satisfaction, which is why we have a client retention of 95 percent. Our clients choose to continue working with us each year because we provide the most personal service, we operate from the most advanced technology and we integrate all feedback into our processes to make our services more productive for you.

Mercedes Transcription

Do you want to work with a team who always has your interests in mind? Who cares about predicting errors because they know how imperative accurate patient notes are to the health of patients, to your practice and to the advance of healthcare? Give us a call at Mercedes Transcription. Get to know our team, learn more about our personal concierge and get started with our services today.

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