What Is Medical Coding?

As technology digitizes many elements of the healthcare industry, new concepts pop up that are unfamiliar and unknown. Sometimes, their names can be misleading, inaccurately conjuring a complex idea when really, the tech jargon describes a new, efficient and straightforward method of organization.

Medical coding is a recent development in healthcare transcription and technology, and it is dramatically improving the billing process and communication relay between patient, physician, and insurance. Let us take a closer look at the coding system.

So, What exactly is medical coding?

Medical coding is the matching of universal alphanumeric codes with healthcare documentation to aid in the billing process between medical establishments and insurance companies. Medical coders scan healthcare documents and label them with a number that an insurance carrier can quickly approve or deny as a claim.

Sounds easy, right? Theoretically, it is at least simple. In practice, coding can be strenuous. Insurance companies use codes to attach to medical claims from falling off a ladder at work to being diagnosed with stage-4 cancer. If a patient’s condition is not filed and assigned a code that fits precisely within that insurance company’s parameters, the patient can be denied coverage. So, accurately coding a patient case based on diagnosis, procedure, equipment used, medical services and radiologic results, etc. bears a significant weight on both patient and physician.

To complicate matters more, filing codes vary from state to state, so coding a condition is not a universal, uniform process. It requires meticulous attention to detail, extreme care in the patient outcome and a discipline of thoroughness.

If you are not yet using a medical coding system, Mercedes Transcription invites you to start thinking about adopting one. As your practice grows and evolves with digitization, medical coding will become essential and prominent in your profitably and function.

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