Outsourcing medical transcription is one of the most effective ways to cut down costs at your hospital or clinic, improve communication with patients and insurance parties, and optimize patient care.

By eliminating the need of medical staff to transcribe notes, you can free up the time of your physicians, nurses, and administrative team to ensure high-quality patient attention during visits. Here are a few reasons our clients continue to outsource their medical transcription.

7  Reasons for Medical Transcription Outsourcing

  1. Increase accessibility

Accessibility to patient notes, history, medication, and personal information can make or break patient care in emergency situations. Transcribed notes are readily available so that your staff, nurses, physicians, and surgeons can make the appropriate decisions, immediately.

In non-emergent situations, transcribed notes are also immensely helpful. Access to notes lets your staff know the whole history of a client’s care so that the right specialists, protocols, and care are given.

  1. No equipment

When you outsource your medical note transcription, there is no need to purchase to warehouse any bulky transcription equipment. Handheld recording devices can be carried in physician pockets and notes are automatically sent to the source of transcribing.

  1. Eliminate expenses

Transcription can become a costly task, and rather quickly. First, you’ll need to pay designated personnel to do the transcribing and editing. Second, you need to account for the budget spent paying physicians who are using their hours to type and edit notes instead of administering quality care.

By outsourcing note transcription, you can save on in-house transcription costs and rest assured that physicians and staff are using their time as efficiently as possible, which brings us to the next reason for outsourcing.

  1. Optimize time

Outsourcing your medical note transcription will increase the efficiency of your practice. With all patient information accurate, accessible, and immediately available, you can bid goodbye to hours, days, and weeks wasted in communication with third parties. Staff and related personnel know exactly the needs of patients, whom to communicate with, and the necessary information to relay to physicians. 

Not only do digitized notes save time in the office, but recording and sending for transcription and editing frees up a ton of time for your nurses, physicians, and administrative staff.

  1. Invest in the digital future

The future of healthcare is digital and virtual and investing now medical transcription will set your practice on its way to digital competency. Thorough online record keeping is the first start to enabling a future physician-patient relationship that does not rely on in-person visits for assessment and optimal health.

 medical transcription services

  1. Upgrade physician well-being

It is easy for physicians to get burnt out, use time ineffectively, and lose a sense of work-life balance. Transcription helps to even out this balance, helping physicians use their time to be with patients, make diagnoses, research, and improve the lives of everyone they see at the clinic.

  1. Improve report quality

With audio recording, patient reports are thorough and include all the details from conversations that often get overlooked or unrecorded. Recording entire sessions with clients or verbalizing at the moment the precise situation allows for the most complete records as possible. Patient records can be transferred to other physicians or practices to ensure the appropriate care in times of need, regardless of a patient’s location.

Medical transcription services offer preliminary help by keeping your office organized and up-to-date, and they also lay the groundwork for more complex digital applications, such as patient mobile apps and big data evaluation.

Mercedes Transcription offers reliable note transcription with quick turnaround times and 24-hour availability so that your patients get the help they need, and your physicians, nurses, and staff can spend time where it is most valuable to your organization. Reach out today to learn more and get started with our team.

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