Public health issues in America are impacting healthcare organizations. Health is increasingly placed in the hands of patients themselves, but with this handover of self-care as preventative medicine comes a responsibility for physicians and practices to provide the foundational practices to live by, and safe clinical environment that puts the needs (including preventive care needs) of patients first.

Public health issues range from drug addiction to not taking into consideration one’s full history and demographics before providing care. Physicians, practices, clinics, and hospital have an immense responsibility and opportunity to help prevent and mend public health issues.

Let’s look at a few of the biggest problems facing the country and what healthcare organizations can do to help.

Top Public Health Issues

Health issues affecting the public masses are many, but a few stand out as particularly problematic. These issues listed below are considered crises and in need of  industry attention:

  •   Opioids
  •   Obesity
  •   Behavioral health as a part of primary care
  •   Suicide (risk identification and intervention)
  •   Non-clinical factors and demographics

Opioid use

The opioid epidemic continues to rise in prominence, enabling drug addictions and creating a need for drug rehabilitation programs. Opioid over-prescription and abuse costs patient lives and creates unnecessary uses of budgets for hospitals, clinics, insurance, and patients.

How can healthcare help?

Healthcare organizations can mind tidy recordkeeping to better flag at-risk patients and avoid giving these individuals prescriptions for opioids. Additionally, physicians can use apps and digital services to monitor patient recovery program to ensure the correct dosages are being taken.


Obesity is still a huge problem in our country that leads to health issues, avoidable medications, disease, discomfort, and occupied hospital beds that could better serve a patient whose conditions are more emergent than preventable.

How can healthcare help?

Physician-patient communication is now accessible through mobile apps and platforms. Take advantage of these software programs to educate patients, discipline diets, and watch for signs and symptoms of oncoming obesity.

Behavioral health as a part of primary care

Behavior health is too often overlooked as a primary note in a patient’s medical history, check-ups, and assessment.

How can healthcare help?

While the overseeing physician is not always specialized to diagnose behavioral health, they can help to assess a patient more holistically and identify outer-lying factors that might be affecting a patient’s current physical symptoms. The earlier behavioral health is noted and considered the healthier a patient can remain.

public health issues in america


Suicide rates are rising at alarming speeds and becoming one of the country’s leading causes of death.

How can healthcare help?

Administering behavioral health evaluations in every patient visit can help to paint a clear picture of an individual’s mental health. These evaluations – individual or collective – can determine risk factors early on in a patient’s care, which can help to prevent suicide.  

Healthcare organizations can help public health problems

Healthcare organizations have a responsibility and opportunity bestowed upon them to take actionable steps toward preventing and tending to many of the country’s biggest health problems. By designing and following programs set up to flag at-risk patients in the earliest stages of medical treatment, healthcare can eliminate many problems and usher in a healthier future.

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