How to Improve Practice Efficiency

Once your medical practice is established, the best way to help it grow through its next stages of business development is by nurturing all practice processes and making sure each runs efficiently. Improving efficiency requires dedicated attention to small details that can either weigh you down or push your practice beyond its potential.

Why improve efficiency?

Improving efficiency at your work is important to keep the foundation of your practice strong – a platform from which you can learn, expand, and grow. Whether you want to increase profit or attract more clients, efficiency is the key to medical practice success. If you want all the areas of your business to run more efficiently, read our tips below.

How to Improve Practice Efficiency

  • Let Patients Schedule Themselves

If you have not already adopted a patient-friendly scheduling system, now is your opportunity. This allows patients to choose the day and time that works best for their busy schedule. Add appointment reminders to patients’ calendars, and reach out with reminders 24-48 hours in advance of appointment to confirm the patient visit. If something comes up within this window, you and the patient can reschedule, and avoid time wasted at the practice.

  • Focus On Your Nurses

Nurses are one of your strongest assets at your practice, and there are a few ways to ensure that their hard work optimizes both patient experience and physician efficiency.

When nurses are familiar with patients and physicians, and well-versed in the tendencies of both parties, they help streamline the physician-patient relay process, so that the physician’s time spent with a patient is as robust and useful as possible.

Remember to use software programs that help nurses keep track of patient information, to review along with a predetermined timeline, and to keep the physician updates.

  • Record, Transcribe, and Track Patient Information

Tracking patient information accurately is essential to patient health, physician recommendations, and a well-run medical practice. Consider inviting patients to use apps, where they can log information themselves so that before the time comes for a visit, you’re already aware of patient progress, symptoms, and needs.

During patient-physician visits, record notes with a high-quality recording device, and submit your notes to our transcription services for a fast return, and accuracy you can trust, every time. Log patient notes in a cloud system that you, the physician, and the patient can all access from anywhere, anytime to make critical decisions.

  • Ask Patients What They Need

Now is the time to ask your patients what they need from your practice. Whether it is more freedom in scheduling or an online patient portal that’s easier to navigate, take your patient requests into consideration to optimize their experience, and retain your practice as their go-to medical facility.


How to improve practice efficiency


  • Align your Strategy with Clear Goals

As you implement new methods to improve the efficiency of your medical practice, design a strategy that clearly addresses your efficiency goals. Are you aiming to increase profit margins? Attract new patients? Increase client retention?

Once you have these goals listed and top of mind, you can compare your progress to each, as you go. Set a time to review monthly or quarterly, to ensure that your efforts are directly affecting your goals for practice efficiency.

  • Let Mercedes Transcription Help

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level by introducing new priorities and a refined efficiency strategy? Check out Mercedes Transcription to see which services we provide that can reduce your workload, and improve patient experience and business development.

Reach out to our team, today, to learn more!

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