Medical Transcription Editor Job Description

Are you curious about a career as a medical transcription editor? In today’s quickly evolving technological environment, transcription editors are used to helping rectify recorded dictations and ensure patients’ most accurate health records.

Here’s what being a transcription editor is all about:

Medical Transcription Editor Job Description

Image of Medical Transcriber preparing patient logs.

A medical transcription editor prepares patient medical histories, discharge summaries, and other relevant documents. A transcriptionist executes performance by listening and converting physician (or other healthcare professional) voice recordings into written reports. Using speech recognition technology, a transcriptionist interprets medical terminology and abbreviations while reviewing and editing documents.  

Job Responsibilities

  • Listening to recorded dictations by doctors or healthcare professional
  • Transcribing all dictation into documents, including operative reports, diagnostic test results, and referral letters
  • Reviewing and editing drafts proceed by speech recognition software
  • Verifying consistency within edited drafts
  • Translating medical abbreviation into long-form terminology and sentence structure
  • Identifying errors, missing information, and inconsistencies
  • Following up with healthcare providers to determine the extent of report inaccuracies
  • Submitting final drafts for physician approval
  • Following all legal documentation and patient confidentiality requirements
  • Entering medical reports into electronic record systems
  • Performing all necessary audits

Training and Requirement

Most transcriptionists have post-secondary training that includes studies in anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, word-processing software, and grammar. Hirable transcription editors have solid computer skills, can critically think, listen well, write proficiently and manage their time.

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