Medical Clinic Software Guide

The healthcare industry is avidly adopting medical software since the U.S. passed the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH). Paper trails are becoming obsolete and the rise of accessible, cloud-based data is ensuring patients are cared for thoroughly and accurately, regardless of geographic location or physician care.

Medical Software for Clinics

Utilizing medical software in clinics is necessary as the healthcare industry evolves technologically, and there are many benefits of utilizing automated and cloud-based programs.

Types of Medical Software

  • Practice Management

Practice management software focuses on streamlining all processes within your practice’s daily routine to ensure maximum efficiency.

  • Billing

Automated billing software is the safest way to ensure that all claims and bills are paid in a reliable, timely manner.

  • Electronic Health Records

Electronic health record keeping is the future of patient information, allowing patients, physicians, and industry analysts to find all relevant information when needed.

  • Cloud Database

Keeping information on the cloud is the safest, most cost and space effective way to organize and maintain patient information and records.

Mercedes Transcription provides web-based medical dictation software that integrates and consolidates clinical documentation across your network, reduces practice costs, improves turnaround time, ensure data integrity, and improves physician and HIM Staff satisfaction.

Our goal at Mercedes Transcription is to provide software that helps practices achieve their personal best, and become a leader in their prospective medical industry.

Medical Software for Clinics Cloud-Database

Benefits of Using Medical Software

  • Patient Information

Medical software keeps patient information tidily organized, easy to find, and always accessible. Keep patient notes consistent through medical dictation and transcription.

Further, records remain available regardless of where or when patients are receiving medical care. As long as notes are transcribed and stored on your cloud database, physicians, surgeons, or emergency medical staff can access exactly the information they need, from anywhere in the world.

  • Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling is easy when automated. Administrative workers can forget the hassle of cancels, call-backs, and appointment reminders when the calendar is populated online, and automatically. Patients can swiftly alter their appointment schedule by making changes online, further improving their experience of your practice.

  • Easy Communication

Medical software enables the smoothest communication between physician and patient, practice and insurance, and practice and (other) practice or medical facility. When patient records and information are easy to access, communication becomes fluid, ongoing and effective.

  • Patient Records

Patient records are vital to your practice’s credibility, your patient’s health, and to the health industry at large. Maintaining thorough records can help patients receive necessary medical care in times of emergency, and promotes a larger trend of data extraction amongst the health industry.

  • Claim Tracking

Insurance claims can go back and forth and in circles without making any real progress. Automated software programs eliminate this headache and concisely enter and edit insurance claims to ensure the quickest turnaround times, in order to benefit your practice and your patients. If errors are made in filing claims, automated programs can quickly detect and remedy the mistake.

  • Financial Reporting

Medical billing software tracks all billing and financial activity related to your practice to ensure your highest profitability.

Medical software is the best way to improve your practice efficiency and profitability. As you strategize the year ahead, remember to include Mercedes Transcription, Inc.’s services as part of your plans. Reach out to our team today, to learn more about how we can customize our medical transcription platform to fit your needs.  Let’s get started.

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