Top 10 Medical Scheduling Software – Comparison

Using scheduling software to automate appointments and reminders can drastically improve your practice efficiency. Many programs handle all of your administrative scheduling tasks, from appointment logistics to patients reminders, preliminary paperwork, and eliminate the likelihood of no-shows.

If you are still penciling patient appointments by hand and micromanaging office agendas, now is the time to hand over the tedious work to an automated program. Below is a comparative review of the best scheduling software programs on the market, to help you determine which software is best for your practice.

Benefits of Medical Scheduling Software

Before we run through which programs can best accommodate your needs, let’s take a look at why this type of software is so incremental to your clinic.

Medical scheduling programs improve your practice in the following ways:

  • Organization

Scheduling software optimizes practice organization by keeping track of open appointment slots, cancellations, and filling free times with day-of patient visits. Office admin can swiftly refer to the software schedule to confirm the day’s needs and accommodate any miscellaneous patient requests.

  • Patient experience

By streamlining the scheduling process, patient experience is significantly improved. Reminders help keep patients in the loop about check-in times and any necessary paperwork before coming in for an appointment. Tight schedules also keep your practice more efficient and timely, giving patients an optimal experience upon visiting (not to mention a stress-free environment).

  • Patient-provider communication

An automated system communicates with patients on your behalf. Allow a software program to send appointment reminders to patients, gather feedback, send notices about necessary upfront information, and handle any changes needing to be made for the time of visit. Automated communication saves you time and energy, and gives patients the most efficient experience possible.

  • Same-day appointments

When a cancellation registers in your automated schedule, the online agenda automatically opens up so that patients can make last minute and day-of appointments. Same-day appointments keep your schedule full and allow patients in need of physician care to come in at the time.

  • Reduced no-shows

No-shows are a big contributing factor to reduced efficiency and profitability. By sending reminders and offering rescheduling options, you can effectively reduce the likelihood of no-shows and help keep your practice busy and as profitable as possible.

Now, onto the top recommended systems for all of your schedule needs.

Top 10 Patient Scheduling Software Systems

Many scheduling software systems are available, but a few offer more extensive services and experience than others.

Check out our list below for top recommendations:

  • DoctorConnect
  • 10to8 Scheduling Software
  • ECLIPSE Practice Management Software
  • Intelligent Medical Software
  • Cogsworth
  • Veribook
  • Reservio
  • FrontdeskAI
  • Yocale

Medical Scheduling Software Comparison

  • DoctorConnect by Adtel International

DoctorConnect is a time-saving software that practices can overlay on existing scheduling programs. This software improves patient experience, limits the number of no-shows, boots cash flows as a result of appointments made, boosts efficiency, and helps improve your practice’s online reputation.

  • SimplyBook by

This HIPAA compliant scheduling software will handle all your of practice’s scheduling needs, including creating appointments, sending reminders, listing and selling products, and book additional services. Don’t have a website, yet? No problem, SimplyBook can create a complete site for you to get started with online programming.

  • 10to8 by 10to8

If no-shows are a problem at your practice, 10to8 is the patient appointment scheduling software you need. 10to8 uses several methods to keep appointments scheduled, patients reminded and practice administration in the loop, including SMS, email, and a two-way chat system.

  • ECLIPSE by MPN Software Systems

ECLIPSE not only takes care of scheduling needs but also provides systems to handle any third party or patient billing with which you need help. This helpful software can keep your practice on track with profitably goals as it keeps appointment slots booked, accounted for, and payables received in a timely manner.

  • Intelligent Medical Software by Meditab Software

Are you in search of an all-in-one software platform? Look no further than Intelligent Medical Software, which provides appointment scheduling, billing solutions, EHR, and practice management assistance.

  • Cogsworth

Cogsworth is a comprehensive scheduling service that syncs all practice calendars to create one logical system for patient appointments, staff meetings, physician consultations, and more.

  • Veribook by Amobius Group

Veribook provides the best solution for patients looking to book appointments according to present physician availability. If a last-minute cancellation comes through, Veribook will update the online calendar in real-time so a different patient can book this slot, satisfying patient experience, and improving practice efficiency.

  • Reservio by Reservio

Choose from over 70 business categories with Reservio. When you select the category that best suits your practice’s needs, this intelligent software will take care of all of your online booking and appointment scheduling so you can focus on patient care.

  • FrontdeskAI by FrontdeskA

Are you a small business with limited resources? FrontdeskAI acts as an extension of your practice, offering around-the-clock receptionist services to your patients.

  • Yocale

Yocale goes above and beyond scheduling needs, taking care of reporting, marketing, and client management for your practice. Yocale is a full-service software system that can immensely improve your medical practice.

How to use scheduling software in your practice?

  • Online services: as medicine moves more toward digital integration, your practice can offer additional services to patients online.
  • SaaS: increase profitability and workflow by delegating technological responsibility to an automated software system.
  • Patient portal: allow patients to handle their own scheduling in a patient portal. This reduces your workload while giving the patient more freedom and a better experience.

How to choose your software?

The software options listed above provide a wide variety of services to ensure that your practice gets exactly what it needs to run efficiently and smoothly. Consider these factors when choosing which platform is best for you:

  • Multi-location
  • Complete suite
  • Budget
  • Standalone


These programs accommodate practices with physicians, staff, and patients who are geographically scattered and need to accommodate schedules at all locations.

Choose from: LeonardoMD, Advanced MD


Complete suite

A complete suite program is compatible with other automated software programs you might be using or hoping to adopt, including billing or EMR.

Choose from: eClinicalWorks, Allscripts, NextGen EHR


If your practice is looking to optimize cost-effectiveness, budget-friendly options are simple and highly recommended.

Choose from: Microsoft Outlook, Schedule View


Improve your practice without getting too fancy or tech-heavy; try a simple solution to your scheduling needs.

Choose from: AdvancedMD, NueMD, MedLedger

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