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We are Type A, and we are okay with that.

We could not be more serious. Mercedes Transcription has incorporated back-end speech recognition technology in our web-based medical editing dictation/transcription workflow applications. And yet, no matter how good your speech recognition results are, there is room for error. With our excellent pool of highly trained and experienced resources, MTI will ensure you do not encounter narrative/interpretive blunders that can result in devastating oversights and serious patient care issues.

Prefer to use your own dictation/transcription technology platform? No problem.

Our unique ability of being technology agnostic enables us to provide transcription and/or medical editing services on other dictation/transcription platforms.


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Mercedes Transcription has the capability to meet your most stringent turnaround-time requirements. From dictation to delivery, we use the latest technology to create intelligent profiling and routing algorithms that send the most urgent job to the MT best fit for completion.

MTI’s web-based medical transcription technology platform and workflow components incorporate an MT profiling logic specific to work-type specialties and routing rules. This proprietary workflow gives MTI a strategic advantage in delivering clinical documentation with consistent quality — all in a shorter timeframe.

25 years of medical transcription expertise