How to Get and Keep More Patients in Your Practice

Getting more patients is one thing, convincing them to stay is another.

This is not to say that effectively marketing to prospective patients is easy; it takes intelligent strategy, significant resources, and timely investment. However, the work only begins the minute a new patient arrives at the welcome sign of your clinic.

In a patient’s first appointment experience with your physicians, at your practice, every element of your work is up for scrutiny: wait times, administrative friendliness, technological adaptations, medical history awareness, physician presence, facility cleanliness, follow-up communication, etc.

So much goes into impressing patients enough to cement their loyalty to your practice, and each of the elements deserves equal effort as you implement your most effective marketing strategy. Let’s look at the most effective ways to get more patients and make sure they’re coming back for all their healthcare needs.

How to Get More Patients Into Your Practice and Keep Them There

To optimize patient numbers and retention, we can focus both on ways to get patients into your clinic and ways to ensure they stay. First, we bring our attention to inviting patients into your practice.

How to Get More Patients

There are so many physicians and practices vying for your prospective patients’ attention, so it is imperative you do everything you can to play with and to rise above the competition. Be sure to improve upon the suggestions listed below.

Work on a good, local reputation

What previous and current patients have to say about your practice goes a long way in marketing and referrals. If you have old patients, old partnerships, or old vendors, reach out and see if you can bring your relationship to the present.

If you operate in a small community, create events to become a neighborhood leader in wellness; partner with other local and like-minded establishments to boost your reputation and get the word out about your practice.

Get online

Get on social media, invest in online advertising, get a PPC rhythm, extend your marketing campaign digitally, prioritize patient reviews. While your traditional marketing efforts might suffice for audience attention, prospective patients need a way to find you online.

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Make every aspect of patient visits as convenient as possible

Serve your patients as though you want to make their lives as easy as possible. When the time comes to recommend your practice, patients invariably think back on how easy it was to make an appointment, transfer records, and communicate with insurance before passing along your name to a friend or a colleague.

Use social media

Social media might feel out of your medical realm, but it’s not! There are countless ways to connect with consumers on their platform of choice – share tips on fitness, well-being, meditation, rest, breathing, or upcoming wellness events. If you can approach consumers on social media in a friendly way, you can count on your followers to remember your name when they need an appointment.

Invest in a physician liaison

Hiring a physician liaison is one of the best investments you can make because a liaison knows how to pitch your practice to the right people. Arm your liaison with adequate training and reachable goals so that you can work together to achieve the results you desire.

Keep branding consistent

In all marketing, advertising, and referral messaging, make sure that your brand voice and culture remains consistent.

Set goals and track ROI

Before embarking on creative marketing outreach, set goals that you can work toward achieving, and devise a system for measuring ROI for each extended effort. Check in monthly or quarterly to verify which marketing tactics are profitable and which need to be reconsidered.

Monitor competitors

Running a competitive analysis every month or quarter can keep your practice from falling out of view of prospective patients. Monitor your competitors to ensure that you are implementing sufficient social media activity, offering comparable rewards, and remaining relevant in your medical niche.

Now that you have an understanding of how to get patients into your clinic, we can turn our attention to ensuring they return for the follow-up and for any relevant needs in the future.

How to Keep Patients in Your Practice

Getting patients to return tends to be the more impressive pull when it comes to marketing in healthcare and medicine. Follow the advice listed below to improve your patient experience, and consequently, increase patient retention.

Communicate to connect

The moment a prospective patients visit your website, initiate some sort of dialogue, be it email outreach, text, or a phone call. You do not have to be incessant or sales-oriented to effectively show your responsive and caring nature; just make it clear that you are available and ready to help.

Stay in contact between appointments

Follow-up after appointments. Check-in with your patients to see how everything went, to double check the next appointment time. and to follow through with any advice or research you’d promised at the previous appointment. When patients know you care about them, they trust you to remain responsible for their health and wellness.

Use surveys and ask questions during the in-office time

Patients often feel that filling out a survey is more of a favor to you than it is to them, so give back by catering to their responses, and putting their requests and feedback into practice at your clinic.

medical survey

Optimize practice environment

Your clinic should be clean, inviting, professional, and indicative of the highest healthcare service. Check-in with your patients as they wait, offer refreshments or edutainment and ensure that your administrative staff is warm, welcoming, and helpful.

Reduce wait times

The shorter your wait times, the more apt patients are to schedule a second appointment. Reduced wait times show you care, show that you prioritize patient experience and operate efficiently.

Always improve reputation

Even when you are the leader in your healthcare niche, you can do better. Practice being proactive in your community, in serving your patients outside of appointments, in investing in training and education for physicians and employees, and always monitoring your reputation online and through word of mouth.

Take care that your reputation precedes you, and your patients will always trust that they are in the right hands.

As you check off the list of ways to improve patient experience, you are bound to come across strategies that flop for your practice, as well as ones that go above and beyond expectations. Maintain a thorough tracking system so you can repeat useful strategies and let go of the ones that didn’t serve your highest goals.

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