Online booking software makes appointment scheduling easier than ever before by providing an open, collaborative space for multiple people to access and book times with physicians and specialists that meet their calendar needs and healthcare preferences.

When you open up appointment scheduling to your patients, you cater to their schedule capacity, project your practice’s flexibility and willingness to accommodate, improve office organization, reduce no-shows and miscommunication, improve the patient experience and allow for same-day appointments (so necessary, so often).

So, if you aren’t already using appointment booking software, now is a great time to adopt a platform at your practice. Check out our recommendations below for how to select the best software for your team and patients and a few recommendations in 2019.

Find the best online booking software for your practice

All software programs are helpful to practices, but all practices are different, which is why your boutique dermatology clinic might need a different software program than the emergency care hospital down the road.

That’s not to say that software programs cannot operate on any scale, but it is important to recognize your particular needs in order to choose the best program for your practice.

How to Choose Best Booking Software?

When choosing the best software for booking appointments at your practice, consider the following variables:


  • Access to mobile: physicians, staff, and clients can book from the ease and convenience of their mobile phones or smart devices.
  • External calendar syncing: the software automatically syncs appointments and changes with external calendars.
  • Booking from anywhere, anytime: booking is possible for all parties at any time, from anywhere in the world.
  • Requests: even if appointment slots are full, clients can requests favors, types of appointments, changes or physician preferences.
  • Cloud accessibility: appointments are available online on the cloud so that changes are never lost and patient history is safely stored.
  • No more gaps: if gaps are a problem in your calendar, opt for software that eliminates gaps by proposing new times and rearranges schedules to flow the most efficiently.
  • Easy to use: the platform is straightforward, simple, and easy to use for clients, physicians, and staff.
  • Room for growth: if your practice grows, the software can handle more users, more administrators, and more information.
  • Automatic booking for ongoing appointments: if somebody has a regularly occurring appointment, your software can automatically schedule and communicate with clients.
  • Social media integration: some programs can cooperate with social media and online platforms to let clients know when there is new availability.
  • Review requests: post-appointment, the software automatically generates a request for review.
  • Sync with client notes: appointments automatically pull patient history and information from transcribed notes, medical history, and previous appointments.
  • Tech support: if clients or staff need help with the software, tech staff is available 24/7 for support.
  • Data security: all patient data and information is securely stored online.

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Benefits of online booking software

Using online appointment scheduling will save you time, energy, no-shows, shows, mistakes, and unnecessary communication. Here are a few of the favorite ways booking programs help practices:

  • Reduce no-shows
  • Allow same-day appointments
  • Improve patient-provider communication
  • Create better efficiency in your practice
  • Improve patient experience

Medical software programs are always improving. Based on the latest online booking system reviews, here are our top recommendations for patient booking programs:

  • 10to8
  • Bookeo
  • Calendly
  • vCita Online Scheduling
  • Checkfront
  • AppointmentPlus
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • HouseCall pro

Mercedes Transcription

Mercedes Transcription is here to help you digitize your practice so you can best serve your patients, improve the efficiency of your practice, dedicate resources to physician and staff health, and work toward the future of the healthcare industry.

Alongside online booking systems, transitioning to medical note transcription can improve the efficiency of your practice immensely! Secure, online notes ensure that critical and updated information is always uploaded alongside appointments so that your patients get the care they need.


Reach out to Mercedes Transcription to learn more and get started with our note transcription, today.

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