Common Patient Care Issues and How to Avoid Them

Issues with patient care are inevitable, which is why many markets within the healthcare industry work avidly year-round to reduce potential problems and improve the quality of patient care, overall.

Current problems facing physicians, clinics, and hospitals vary from problems as basic as patients falling to as digitally complex as getting electronic health records (EHR) from multiple sources to sync and communicate.

Let’s look at the current most common issues causing orient problems in healthcare and how to avoid them.

2019 Patient Care Problems to Address

EHR systems are incompatible

One of the biggest problems currently facing patients and healthcare facilities is the lack of interoperability between EHR systems. This means that the efforts by healthcare professionals doing their due diligence to get patient information and notes online are rendered useless.

If notes from one EHR system cannot be received by a physician at a neighboring clinic operating on a separate system, the information contained cannot be read by the practicing physician and the patient cannot receive the care he or she needs. This problem is exacerbated in emergent situations where transfusions or surgery are necessary to save a patient’s life.

By working with a reliable transcription and cloud service, you can ensure your patient information is always available, whether you are on the sending or receiving end.

Patients are given the wrong medication

Patient medication errors result in over one million patient problems every year. Patients are often given the wrong dose or brand due to inadequate information presented to the nurse, physician, or pharmacists

Accurate patient notes ensure that any prescribing practitioners are knowledgeable and equipped for correct prescription and dosage.

patient care issues
Failure to educate patients

Nurses and physicians have a responsibility to educate patients about their health. The best way to arm a patient is by giving them access to their own health records and information. Educated patients can navigate their healthcare and practice daily preventative routines.

Unclear communication at the clinic

When communication is not fluid at the hospital or clinic, problems are bound to arise and wreak havoc on a patient’s health and practice’s reputation. By operating on a cloud-based system, every member of your staff can communicate effectively from anywhere in the world.

Whether a consultation is needed by a physician who is away or administration needs to confirm an appointment opening, clear, open and immediate communication is essential for proper patient care.

You can improve internal communication at your practice by ensuring all information, including patient notes and history, are available for everyone to see and send.

Note transcription can help protect your patients

If you’re wondering how to transcribe your medical notes, well,  the answers are vast. Recording notes during a patient’s visits increases and improves physician time with the patients and allows a physician to ask the most pertinent questions during appointment times.

Sending note away for immediate transcription allows patient information to be quickly uploaded to your EHR system so that patients receive accurate care, information, and medication. Note transcription both reduces time spent by staff and increases patient care.

Benefits of Transcription for Patient Issues

  • Increase time with physician and patients
  • Improve time with physician and patients
  • Reduce medication error
  • Improve internal communication
  • Make medical history accessible across multiple EHR systems
  • Improve the life and health of physicians to optimize patient care

If you haven’t explored medical notes transcription yet, we invite you to test the waters with our highly experienced team at Mercedes Transcription. Note transcription not only significantly reduces timed wasted by your staff and physicians, but it has a direct correlation with preventing common patient care issues.

To learn more about our services and how to get started, reach out to us today.

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