What are Future Trends in Healthcare Technology?

Cutting edge technology in healthcare New technology is breaking into the healthcare industry and revolutionizing the way practices perform, how physicians care for patients, and how patients learn to optimize their health through independent self-care. How new technology in healthcare impacts the system? As new systems enter the industry, healthcare [...]

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Public Health Issues That Are Impacting Healthcare Organizations

Public health issues in America are impacting healthcare organizations. Health is increasingly placed in the hands of patients themselves, but with this handover of self-care as preventative medicine comes a responsibility for physicians and practices to provide the foundational practices to live by, and safe clinical environment that puts the needs [...]

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Who Is On-Call Physician

Who is the on-call physician today? Clearly identifying the on-call physician is a critical element of your practice’s efficiency. If the on-call physician is not known by all employees, it leaves room for error with a significant and negative impact on patients, staff, and the health of your practice. It [...]

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