The Dos and Don’ts of Physician Dictation

Audio transcription significantly optimizes the workflow and efficiency of physicians, nurses and administrative staff. When adopting the note-taking technique into your practice’s daily routine, be sure to abide by the following do’s and don’ts: Do implement these tactics when dictating Record in a quiet space - Recording dictations in a quiet [...]

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The Undeniable Benefits of Medical Transcription

Handwriting patient notes is a time-consuming task of the past. If you haven’t already transitioned to audio transcription for patient health records, consider the many benefits of using the digital software to improve patient satisfaction, staff efficiency, and practice health. Benefits of medical transcription are: Ease of voice recording device [...]

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How to Record Quality Audio to Enable More Accurate Medical Transcription

Accuracy in medical transcription is essential to any good healthcare practice. Transcription services make this more easily possible as long as physicians and staff are mindful of careful transcription habits. Clear audio communication improves the quality of transcription, which enables quicker, more accurate written notes and therefore less time-consuming editing [...]

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