5 Best Patient Tracking Software and Apps on the Market

If you aren’t using patient tracking apps at your practice, now is your opportunity to start using one. In 2018, the patient app software industry reached $102.43 billion globally, reiterating its popularity, strength, and fixed position in healthcare. Digital and mobile patient apps are accessible, easy to use, and applicable to a diverse range of patient needs.

Patient tracking software is infiltrating the healthcare industry

Software apps for patient health include everything from heart-rate and exercise monitoring wearable to recovery tracking programs that keep patients on schedule for optimal health post-surgery or after injury, throughout physical rehabilitation.

Optimize patient-physician communication

Patient apps keep the communication open between patient and physician, maintain patient health and healing awareness, and ensure physicians are up-to-date on patient well-being without scheduling an in-person consultation.

Use tracking apps for all patient needs

Whether you want to keep track of patient recovery, hold patients accountable for their physical health, educate patients while under your care, or increase your practice’s available data for research and analysis, there is an app to satisfy your needs. Let’s check out the current best patient tracking app and software available.

Patient tracking software

5 best tracking software and apps on the market


CarePassport places health back in the hands of patients by providing one location for all patient history, clinical reports, dental records, lab results, and medical images. With all personal data immediately available in one location, patients can take responsibility for their current health and make the most out of future appointments and consultations.


1upHealth pulls together patient data from external platforms to give physicians a thorough medical history and diagnostic report of the patient in question. Timeline variables such as medications, labs, conditions, and demographics allow physicians to make knowledgeable decisions and provide insight into overarching health analyses.

Forecast Health Risk Prediction and Prevention

Forecast Health Risk Prediction and Prevention alert physicians to patients at risk of relapse, readmission, waning health, or unplanned hospitalizations. At-risk patients can use the app to monitor health progression or rehabilitation, with all information clueing a physician into patient status, even from afar.


Accountable Care Transactions developed ACT.md to give providers a full picture of a patient’s needs and access to other overseeing physicians and partners on the patient’s case. ACT.md allows for the most extensive and comprehensive care of a patient through shared tasks, messaging, and accurate patient data.   


Pepid serves as a quick diagnostic tool for emergency room physicians, students, residents, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, and pharmacists. By using the app’s symptom checker, diagnoses are made swiftly and accurately, ensuring the next necessary step is made as soon as possible. For students in medical school or residency, curious patients, or emergency room workers, Pepid reduces the time in making the diagnosis to increase patient care.

Benefits of patient tracking software

Patient apps have benefits to your practice, to patient health, and to the progression of healthcare. Some of the most reward benefits include:

– Patients take responsibility for their own health through awareness, education, and tracking.
– Physicians monitor a patient’s progression without in-person appointments.
– Healthcare industry harnesses influential insights from mass data.

Transcribing patient notes makes it easy to access and incorporate all patient information in online platforms and tracking apps. Physicians annotate patient or client sessions and send the audio for overnight transcription — from which form it can be stored in your cloud and streamlined through software programs into relevant patient applications.

Getting started with medical note transcription will revolutionize your practice by increasing the efficiency of physicians and administration, cementing accurate medical history and record for patients, and improving the quality of healthcare for the medical industry, overall.

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