Best Medical Apps for Doctors – Update 2019

Medical apps for doctors are integral to your practice.
Medical apps for patients have boomed into popularity and become staple items locked on iPhone and smart device home screens, tracking steps, heart rates, calories consumed, and even daily moods.

Patient apps have changed the ways physicians interact with clients, monitoring the health and making suggestions from afar, having more informed patient visits and placing more health responsibility in the hands of app users.

Now, applications are designed specifically for physicians, too, making access to medical knowledge, clinical opinions, and patient information more convenient than ever before, further improving the efficiency with which the healthcare industry can perform in the digital age.

Let’s take a look at the best of and newest medical apps for doctors, so you can decide which platforms best support your practice and staff.

4 Best Medical Apps for Doctors

1. ePocrates
2. Doximity
3. Visual DX
4. Medscape News


  1. ePocrates

ePocrates in the favored app for clinical decisions support and is accessible without internet on any device. The app includes the following features:
– Physician communication
– Symptom checker
– Disease database
– Medication database
– Clinical guidelines
– Drug references
– Medicine calculator
– Lab references
– Alternate medications
– ICD-9&10


  1. Doximity

This progressive app developed by ePocrates’ founders allows physicians and surgeons to communicate with one another instantly and from anywhere in the world.


Doximity offers these features:
– Physician/surgeon filtering
– Encrypted messages
– HIPAA satisfaction
– Employer, job and salary comparison

 best medical apps for doctors

  1. Visual DX

Remembering every facet of disease for diagnosis is a lot, even for the physician, and especially on a chaotic day. Make this process easier with a diagnosis reference app, such as Visual DX, which provides the following:
– Secure second opinions
– Patient images (over 32,000) database for accurate diagnoses
– Segmentation for age, skin type, and category identifiers for eyes, nails, hair, mouth, and genitals


  1. Medscape News

Find the latest medical news on Medscape and take advantage of a medical reference glossary at the touch of your fingertips. This app can help you practice with the following benefits:
– Drug information
– Disease symptoms
– Medication options
– Drug interactions
– Encrypted messages
– Secure faxes
– HIPAA compliance
– Prescription guidelines and information
– Recent medical news
– Pill image identification
– Physician and pharmacy directions

What about the best medical apps for iPhone?

That’s a great question, as not all apps operate the same across all types of smart devices. We suggest using these two apps on your iPhone:
– VisualDX
– Doximity

Benefits of doctors using medical apps

– It’s the best way to promote patient education.
– Get clinical consultations on the spot.
– It’s so convenient to look up medical advice or prescription contraindications.
– Encourage healthy behavior for physicians, too.
– Track patients with GPS.
– Rely on compatibility with medical instruments.
– Connect with clients in social media.
– Communicate with patients or practice personnel immediately.
– Monitor practice and patients from afar.
– Increase productivity.
– Stay up to date on medical industry news.


The best apps for doctors sync with patient notes


One of the best parts about physician apps is the ability to sync information, conversations, and interactions with patient notes to go on file in a patient’s history. This collaborative note taking and information gathering experience improves patient healthcare, saves your practice time and can save a patient’s life in an emergency situation.

Mercedes Transcription can help sync your patient notes


Make the most of your physician-patient relationships by recording and transcribing your medical notes. Reach out to our team at Mercedes Transcription to learn more about our services and how we can help your practice thrive in the digital age.

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