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Think of us as your “Concierge Team”, whose primary focus is to deliver the best possible client service from the time we first meet until the transcription is uploaded to the patient’s electronic medical record. We strive to deliver the kind of client service you would come to expect of us: prompt, courteous and professional. While your primary, day-to-day contact will be a dedicated MTI Team Member assigned to assist in assuring all work is done to 100% satisfaction, you also have 24/7 access to the rest of your “Concierge Team” at Mercedes Transcription.

Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and efficient medical transcription service solution that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. How can we do it better? We welcome all client feedback and are always open to ideas and suggestions.

customer service


John DiSalvatore, President
Call Now!   Office: 301.882.3200 ext. 201   Mobile: 301.758.6300 cell


Sandy DiSalvatore, Vice President
Office: 301.882.3200 ext. 203   Mobile: 301.758.6100


Kathy Brents, Director of Operations
Office: 301.882.3200 ext. 207   Mobile: 301.500.8080

Daniel Harrison, Operations/ IT Specialist
Office: 301.882.3200 ext. 212

Beth Elko, Production Manager
Office: 301.882.3200 ext. 213

Lisa Johnson, Quality Control Manager
Office: 301.882.3200 ext. 211


Daniel Harrison, Operations/IT Specialist
Office: 301.882.3200 ext. 212

Vince Laird, General Manager
Office: 301.882.3200 ext. 217


Sandy DiSalvatore, Vice President
Office: 301.882.3200 ext. 203

Kathy DiSalvatore, VP, Finance
Office: 301.882.3200 ext. 202

Kathy Graminski, Executive Assistant
Office: 301.882.3200 ext. 200

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